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Egyre többen kérdeztétek, hogy milyen szóbeli tételek vannak a BME középfokú szóbeli nyelvvizsgán.


Jöjjenek hát a tételek, egy megjegyzéssel. Általában középfokú nyelvvizsgán a nyelvi készségeket szokták nézni, nem igazán a tárgyi tudást.

Mindenesetre ajánlatos azért a tételeket komolyan venni, a sikeres nyelvvizsgához azért nem csak a jó ‘beszélõke’ szükséges, hanem a minimális tárgyi tudás is.


És most jöjjenek a tételek:



1. Personal characteristics

• describing appearance

• describing character and personality

• the typical/ideal man and woman


2.  Appearance • clothing

• fashion, cosmetics


3. Friends and relationships

• friendship

• fellow students and colleagues

• partners


4. Family

• family models (only child, large family, single-parent families)

• division of tasks within the family

• advantages / disadvantages of 3 generations living together


5. Man and society

• social benefits (Welfare State, pension, health insurance, unemployment benefit)

• social movements (NGOs, trade unions, clubs, associations)


6. Social problems

• public safety, crime, and criminal investigation

• migration


7. Place of living

• candidates tlat/house

• furnishings, pieces of furniture

• household chores and appliances

• tlat-related costs, maintenance

• the ideal home


8. The housing

• city vs. village, flat vs. detached house - candidates preferences

• neighbourhood (street, quarter)

• living conditions (own property, rented accommodation, lodgings, hostel)


9. Holidays and celebrations

• family celebrations (birthdays, name days, anniversaries)

• public holidays: national or religious festivals


10. Reading; television, video, cinema

• reading vs. watching TV

• TV vs. cinema

• reading (books, newspapers, libraries, Internet)

• TV, cinema, video


11. Culture

• music (listening to music, concerts, opera, playing an instrument)

• theatre

• museums, exhibitions


12. Free time activities

• hobbies

• parties, balls, festivals

• pets and domestic animals

• indoor plants, gardening, DIY



13. Learning, education, the school system

• candidates past and present education, qualifications

• positive and negative school experience

• school system, school types

• tertiary education

• language learning experiences, role of foreign languages

• student exchange programmes, student mobility


14. Work and the individual

• working hours (part-time, casual work, shift work, several jobs)

• ways of seeking a job


15. Work and society

• job prestige

• unemployment, benefits

• career vs. family


16. Sports

• candidates sporting activities, favourite sports

• racing, extreme sports, dangerous sports


17. Health

• healthy and unhealthy diet/dishes

• characteristics of a healthy lifestyle

• healthcare

• beauty care, cosmetic surgery


18. Illnesses

• common illnesses, at the doctors, at the dentists

• addiction (alcohol, drugs, smoking)

• the handicapped - How to integrate? Equality of opportunity?



19. Services

• catering facilities

• banks (ways of payment, cards, loans)

• dry cleaners, home cleaning

• repair of consumer durables

• emergency services (ambulance, police, Automobile Association)


20. Shopping

• everyday shopping, essential foodstuffs

• buying consumer durables

• shopping centres/corner shops/marketslsupermarkets/delivery services/warehouse stores/shopping on the Internet

• sales, discounts, role of advertisements, consumer society


21. Transport

• public transport in the city (inc. taxi)

• intercity transport (inc. planes and ships)

• individual transport (cars, motorbikes, bicycles)

• public transport problems

• individual transport problems

• walking in towns


22. Organising trips within Hungary and abroad

• required documents, insurance, vaccination

• accommodation, reservation

• booking tickets, timetables, discounts and special fares


23. Travelling in Hungary and abroad

• preferred destinations, holiday activities

• types of trips (holiday, official, business, study, conferences)

• language skills and travelling


24. Weather, seasons, environment protection

• weather, seasons

• home environment protection (selective waste collection, energy saving at home)

• environmental problems (pollution: water, air, soil, noise; ozone hole, global warming)


25. Telecommunications

• postal services (telegrams, sending parcels, money transfer)

• (mobile) telephones, faxes

• computers (e-mail, Internet)

• correspondence, postcards


26. Hungary

• candidates place of living

• major tourist attractions

• major cultural attractions

Hungary and the world - NATO and the EU


27. English-speaking countries

• general information on Britain/on the USA

• places of interest in Britain/in the USA

• British people vs. Hungarian people

• English traditions