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Digital lesson plan




Csíky anna (Elte)





History of Christmas & Christmas Around The World



age group



45 minutes


pair work, group work, frontal work


words connected to Christmas and superstitions




Christmas carol

5 minutes

Each student gets a line from the carol “God bless ye merry gentlemen”. The class listens to the song and whoever hears their line comes to the front, so that students form a chain. When the song is over they read out the lyrics and discuss new words if necessary (e.g. dismay, saviour, go astray, tiding, shepherd, rejoice)



reading comprehension

10 minutes

It’s Christmas time – but how much do we actually know about Christmas? Let’s focus on the Anglo-Saxon tradition first: Ss are told to go to familygames.com to do a Christmas quiz (the link is probably posted on Nicenet). Ss will work in three groups, each group is assigned three questions (2–4, 5–7, 8–10). The class tackles the first question together with the help of the projector so that Ss know how the right answer is marked etc. Ss are encouraged to take notes about their findings.





10 + 10 minutes

Ss rearrange in groups of three in a way that they have the answer to every question. The new groups go to Nicenet to find the quiz posted there and answer the questions (which are not absolutely identical to the ones on the familygames website but require the information found there). Those who have sent their answers to T can read all the explanation in the quiz. When the 10 minutes are over, T asks Ss to send him what they have – he will take a look at the answers at home and send feedback via Nicenet. Then the class goes through the questions one by one, Ss explain their answers.





5 + 5 minutes

Pairs of Ss are assigned the name of a country (Greece, Canada, Ukraine, Central America, Australia, Italy, France, Norway, Finland). They are told to go to the historychannel site (link posted on Nicenet) and check out how their country celebrates Christmas. Then the class is divided into two and everyone tells their group about their Christmas traditions so that the others can guess where s/he is from. After 5 minutes the class gets together and they discuss the different traditions and their origins.


Ss write about Hungarian Christmas traditions for a foreigner.


online material






Ask students to switch on computers before you start the warmer: you save time. Make sure students know which questions they have to tackle in the quiz and that they are not distracted by other ones. Show the explanatory notes to those who finish early. Remember to send them feedback on their answers and give a little praise/prize for the best group next time.