Kattintson a hirdetésre! Sulinet - Nyelvek

Digital lesson plan


new year’s traditions


csíki anna (elte)





New Year’s Traditions



age group



45 minutes




words connected to New Year’s and calendars, measuring time






Pairs of Ss get two lines from a poem called My New Year’s Resolutions. (As there are only 2*12 lines, the author and the title (cut into two) might also have to be used.) The pairs of lines are numbered. First the poem is read out, then the pairs tell the others a resolution they made in a previous year or will make at the end of this December.











reading comprehension

10 minutes

Ss are divided into three groups: history of the New Year, Chinese New Year and Jewish New Year. Each S is assigned one or two paragraphs from the sites listed below which they have to read and take notes of. They are encouraged to make us of the hyperlinks in the text.

group 1 – A History of the New Year

S1: introduction

S2: early Roman calendar

S3: January joins the calendar

S4: Julian calendar & Middle Ages

S5 (a net expert): January 1st restored (should check out the hyperlink gradually accepted, too – find the earliest, the latest, Hungary & Britain)

group 2 – Chinese New Year

S1: introduction

S2: A Rooster Year

S3: Fireworks

S4: Family Feasts & Chinese New Year Dates (the chart)

S5: The Lantern Festival

group 3 – Jewish New Year

S1: introduction

S2: Putting your spiritual house in order

S3: Food for thought (par 1 & 2)

S4: Food for thought (par 3 & 4)

S5: Determined by the new moon & the chart with Rosh Hashanah dates


speaking& writing

15 minutes

The three groups get together and they collect all the information they have. Ss should take notes in the form of a Word document which can be posted on Nicenet for future reference (and used in the next exercise).



10 minutes

Ss rearrange in groups of three and each S informs the other two about the findings of his/her group. The presentation can be based on the notes posted by the group but Ss should TALK, not read.


Ss have to keep their resolutions J

If you could change 1 thing in the world, what would it be? (200 words)


online material






Ask students to switch on computers before you start the warmer: you save time.

My New Year's Resolutions


I will not throw the cat out the window
Or put a frog in my sister's bed

I will not tie my brother's shoelaces together
Nor jump from the roof of Dad's shed

I shall remember my aunt's next birthday
And tidy my room once a week

I'll not moan at Mum's cooking (Ugh! fish fingers again!)
Nor give her any more of my cheek.

I will not pick my nose if I can help it
I shall fold up my clothes, comb my hair,

I will say please and thank you (even when I don't mean it)
And never spit or shout or even swear.

I shall write each day in my diary
Try my hardest to be helpful at school

I shall help old ladies cross roads (even if they don't want to)
And when others are rude I'll stay cool.

I'll go to bed with the owls and be up with the larks
And close every door behind me

I shall squeeze from the bottom of every toothpaste tube
And stay where trouble can't find me.

I shall start again, turn over a new leaf,
leave my bad old ways forever

shall I start them this year, or next year
shall I sometime, or .....?


- Robert Fisher


source: http://www.fathertimes.net/mynewyearsresolutions.htm