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BBC News 24 gets the wrong Guy

News and Issues


Day 2

 (May 16th)


Welcome to the daily online language magazine News and Issues. Today our topic is the media and what can go wrong even in a really well-organised media company such as the BBC.

On the menu today:

a)     Read about the funny events in a live BBC programme, in which they interviewed the wrong person (a cab driver instead of an Internet expert). (Level = Intermediate+)

b)     Do a bit of grammar while reading the text. (Level = Intermediate+)

c)     Watch the video of the live programme J.  (Level = Any)

d)     Read the tape script of the interview. (Level = Any)

e)     Watch the video again to remember all the details. (Level = Pre-Intermediate+)

f)       Read readers’ comments about the event to learn a lot of informal expressions! (Level = Pre-Intermediate+)


1 .Read through the article and choose the correct option from the words/expressions underlined.


BBC News 24 gets the wrong Guy

IT journalist Guy Kewney was amazed to see/seeing (1) another man appear  in/on (2) a plasma screen with a banner showing his name as he has been waiting/ was waiting (3) in the BBC News 24 reception for an interview. 

The mix-up happened when a cab driver who, it appears, was booked to/for (4) pick up Kewney at the end of the interview, responded to/for (5) a call for his name in reception.

The real Kewney is a white man with a beard, while/as well as (6) the cab driver is a clean shaven black male.

It appears that the taxi driver was not realising/did not realise (7) the mistake even when he is led/was led (8) into a studio and wired for sound.

Although/However (9), as the video of the interview shows, the cabbie soon cottoned on when he had/was (10) announced as the editor of the technology website NewsWireless

The real Kewney said on his NewsWireless blog: "Watch his incredible recovery, and his determination to show that this may be a complete surprise to him but that he can out-Kewney any darned NewsWireless editor if he has to."


2. Read the text again to find how the things below were important in the story.


a) cab

b) BBC

c) Booked

d) NewsWireless

e) surprise


3. Now, CLICK HERE to watch the video. In case you have difficulty understanding the cab driver, read the tape script in the KEY section at the bottom of this page.


Note: The poor man was interviewed on music downloads, whether it is the future, how bad, illegal it is etc. It is funny to see how well he actually manages but it is also interesting to see an expert on Internet music downloads say that it is good and welcome and fast J.


4. Watch the video again and answer the questions below.

a) What is the presenter wearing?


b) What expression do you see on the man’s face when he is introduced?


c) What is he interviewed about?


d) How does he say he feels about the verdict?


e) How does he feel about music downloading?


f) What does he say about Internet cafes?




5. Below you can find some of the comments readers posted on a website. Read through them and note down how they express their positive feelings.


1. How classic! I actually watched this and thought "some expert indeed". (= nem semmi szakértõ)

2. Well it just goes to show (= ez is csak azt mutatja) that anyone can be an "expert", …


3. The Beeb (= a BBC) must be sick to the core (= teljesen kivannak) after this latest fiasco.


4. Give the man an Oscar - the expression on his face is worth gold (=aranyat ér). A good laugh to start the day.


5. It is brilliant, it is good to see the BBC can poke fun at (= kigúnyol, viccet csinál) itself without the need of charity shows, well done, keep up the good work. (= csak így tovább!)

6. Pure brilliance,(= egyszerûen brilliáns, csodálatos) the taxi driver’s face at the start of the interview was absolutely hilarious, (= egyszerûen zseniális volt) so much so I had to watch it a mumber of times.


7. Well, he brightened up my day (= megszépítette a napomat)! What a professional!

8. Brilliant! Andy Warhol WAS right, 15 mins of fame... or 90 seconds in this case!

9. Full marks (=csillagos ötös) to the cabbie! What presence of mind (=lélekjelenlét)!

10. I haven't laughed so much in ages - that poor man's face. This has to be a TV classic.



Exercise 1.

1.to see; 2.on; 3.was waiting; 4.to; 5.to; 6.while; 7.did not realise; 8.was led; 9.However; 10. had

Exercise 2.

a) cab – a cab driver was interviewed instead of an Internet expert

b) BBC – the cabbie was interviewed on the BBC – live!

c) Booked – called – the cab driver was called (booked) to take the expert home

d) NewsWireless – this is the name of the newspaper where the original (real) expert is an editor.

e) surprise – the cab driver was honestly surprised – shocked – at first when he was interviewed


Exercise 4.

a) What is the presenter wearing?

_____A black jacket, a red top and a necklace._____________________

b) What expression do you see on the man’s face when he is introduced?

_____An expression of totel shock______________________________

c) What is he interviewed about?

_ ___He is interviewed about music downloads and a court case. ______

d) How does he say he feels about the verdict?

________He says he did not expect that, it was a surprise for him.

e) How does he feel about music downloading?

He says it is good, it is fast and even poor people can get free information and music, for example.

f) What does he say about Internet cafes?

____He says it is one of the places where you can freely download anything you want.



The interview - Tape script

Karen Bowerman: Guy Kewney is editor of the technology website Newswireless.

Face of horror

KB: Hello, good morning to you.

Mr Goma: Good morning.

KB: Were you surprised by this verdict today?

Mr Goma: I am very surprised to see... this verdict to come on me because I was not expecting that. When I came they told me something else and I am coming. So a big surprise anyway.

KB: A big surprise, yeah, yes.

Mr Goma: Exactly.

KB: With regards to the costs involved do you think now more people will be downloading online?

Mr Goma: Actually, if you can walk everywhere you are going to see a lot of people downloading the internet and the website and everything they want. But I think eh It is much better for development and eh to inform people what they want and to get the easy way and so faster if they are looking for.

KB: It does really seem the way the music industry's progressing now that people want to go onto the website and download music.

Mr Goma: Exactly you can go everywhere on the cyber cafe and you can take, you can go easy. It is going to be an easy way for everyone to get something to the internet

KB: Thank you. Thanks very much indeed.