Kattintson a hirdetésre! Sulinet - Nyelvek


Cast your minds back
to the last election. (emlékezz vissza)
And yet, if she could turn the clock back, would she change anything? (
visszafordíthatná az idõt)
When I saw the examiner, suddenly my mind went blank. (kb. leblokkoltam, elfelejtettem mindent)
He was worried at first, but his Italian came back in a couple of weeks. (visszajött az olasz tudása)
Just try to put her out of your head
for tonight. (verd ki a fejedbõl)
It conjures up images of Victorian family evenings round the piano. (felidéz)
It seems he just can't get you out of his head
. (nem tud kiverni a fejembõl)
When he saw her, memories came crowding into his mind. (kb. rátörtek az emlékek)
Those were the days
, man. (azok a régi szép idõk)
Martin had a dim recollection of a visit to a big, dark house. (halvány emlékei voltak)
She dismissed that horrible memory from her mind
. (kitörölni az emlékezetébõl)
I will remember his face to my dying day. (egész életemben emlékezni fogok)
'We were talking about you yesterday.' 'Well, I could feel my ears burning!' (kb. csuklottam, mert emlegettek)
His speech carried/took me back to secondary school. ('visszarepített')
She was lying here trying to erase the memory of a very disturbing kiss from her mind. (kitörölni az emléket)
I'm sorry but your name escapes me. (nem ugrik be)
Her singing evoked memories of my childhood. (emlékeket idéz fel)
She was confident that he would recognise the thoughts which filled her mind. (lefoglalták)
They got married in 1997, as far as I can remember. (amennyire emlékszem)
She lay on her back and her thoughts flashed back to Luke and last night. (visszagondolt)
His smile widened as many fond memories came flooding back. (kellemes emlékek törtek rá)
The memory is still fresh in my mind. (a mai napig élénken él az emlékezetemben)
I don't live in the past but I can't forget the cancer. (a múltban él)
It was the most dramatic resignation speech in living memory. (emberemlékezet óta)
People have short memories. (kb. gyorsan felejtenek)
He tried to commit all those names to memory. (kb. bemagolni, elsajátítani)
Meeting him brought back a lot of memories. (sok emléket idézett fel)
If my memory serves me well, I've never met her in person. (ha jól emlékszem)
Please join me in a few moments silence in memory of our late president. (emlékére)
For most of us the mental picture of an experiment goes back to school laboratories. (emlékkép)
I have a vivid picture of them playing in the garden. (élénken emlékszem)
He used to rattle off
his memos from behind his desk. (emlékezetbõl, gyorsan mond, ledarál)
Just read up on it and let us know! (utánaolvas)
I have no recollection of having seen that man before. (nincs emlékem)
That reminds me
, I must be off now. (errõl jut eszembe)
In retrospect, I don't think it was a wise thing to do. (visszatekintve)
Yes, his name rings a bell
, but I'm not sure where we met. (kb. ismerõsen hangzik)
Elena's parting words are ringing in my ears. (kb. a fülemben csengenek)
She's got a mind like a sieve, you know that; I'm sure it's nothing personal. (szita az agya)
I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It completely slipped my mind
. (kiment a fejembõl)
My time in Australia brings back memories. (emlékeket idéz)
The journey sticks in my mind like glue. (kb. nagyon élénken emlékszem rá)
I'm afraid I'm not very strong on numbers. (nem vagyok nagyon jó)
I keep thinking back to my schooldays in Atlanta. (visszagondolok)
I'm sorry, I think I lost the thread of what you were saying. (elvesztettem a fonalat)
Anything less than a semi-final place would be a failure ... as he never tires of repeating. (soha nem felejti el)
Let this be a simple token of our friendship. (barátságunk emlékére)
I couldn't tell you off the top of my head I because I was working on it till half past midnight. (kb. hasból, kapásból)
It's funny to look back on it now and think, 'What the hell was all that about?' (visszatekinteni)


1. Válaszd ki a négy válasz közül a m
ondatba illõt.

1. The smell of fresh bread ... images of my childhood.
conjured up // took me back // evoked up // flooded

2. He did everything to ... those days out of his mind.
take // put // bring // carry

3. When the exam started, his mind went ... .
closed // empty // blank // down

4. He seems to have forgotten what we have done for him. Well, people have ... memories.
a little // a plenty of // little // short

5. I'm afraid I'll have to read ... the topic before the lecture.
up on // for // again // up to

6. If my memory ... well, he visited us last year.
helps me // plays // remembers // serves me

7. I know I've seen him somewhere but his name ... me.
rattles // leaves // escapes // reminds

8. We did our best to commit all the data ... memory.
in // on // to // for

9. I'm not sure where we met, but his name ... a bell.
rings // hears // sounds // feels

10. I'll remember his face to my ... day.
dead // deadly // dying // death

2. Fordítsd le az alábbi mondatokat a megadott szavak segítségével.

1. Sajnos ezt nem tudom kapásból megmondani. HEAD
2. Bejött, ledarálta az összes adatot, majd elment. OFF
3. A mai napig élénken emlékszem arra a nyárra. FRESH
4. Emberemlékezet óta ez volt a legjobb döntõ. LIVING
5. Jut eszembe, befejezted az esszét? REMINDS
6. Olyan gyorsan beszélt, hogy elvesztettük a fonalat. THREAD
7. Szita az agya, mindent elfelejt. SIEVE
8. Visszagondolva, nagyon hasznosak voltak az órái. IN

3. Egészítsd ki az alábbi mondatokat egy-egy szóval az alábbiak közül.

mind - ears - past - mind - days - far - clock - picture

The problem with him is that he lives in the ... .
Do you remember school? Those were the ... .
I'm sorry I didn't post the letters. It slipped my ... .
He wished he could turn back the ... .
Well, cast your ... back to last year's exams.
He's never told us anything about that, as ... as I can remember.
I don't know what he's talking about. Could you put me in the ..., please?
His words are still ringing in my ... .

conjured up
serves me

Unfortunately, I can't tell you this off the top of my head.
He came in, rattled off all the data, and then left.
That summer is still fresh in my mind.
That was the best final in living memory.
That reminds me, have you finished the essay?
He spoke so fast that we lost the thread.
She's got a memory like a sieve and forgets everything.
In retrospect, her lessons were very useful.