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Looking back, pages of history tend to turn rapidly. Not long ago this volume was made to give us a memory of what had happened 100 years before - today a period of 130 years appears to look at us from the pages.

But there is something that never changes.

The lesson of being a citizen of Szeged, which has begun with a 130 year-old remonstrance, is presently a decisive experience in our collective remembrance. It is the letter, that was written by Lajos Kossuth.

„Please tell them, the people of Szeged, that the one who once called them the pride of the nation, expects them to prove themselves to be worthy of this title even today."

And the people of Szeged has been truly trying to meet the exhortation for 130 years. Since all era has its own challenge.

Szeged was once - on that night in March 1879 -swept away, destroyed to the ground by the wrath of the river Tisza. But the second Szeged was built up. A city of stone instead of the city of adobe.

In a country torn apart by the World War I, amidst depsondency and losing path, the citizens of Szeged had faith in revival, in the strength of culture and science, and the third Szeged was built up: the city with university and the city of festivals.

Today, we still have faith and believe again that with our common efforts, the fourth Szeged will be built: Szeged of the 21st century, a knowledge and regional centre of Europe.

And today, we believe again, that „Szeged will be more beautiful than before" and our efforts will be crowned with success. We believe that we can gather enough strength from the example of our forefathers, the strength that prepares the future for our children.


The third, reminiscent edition of our beautiful volume also shows the moments of our present days, illustrating the present era when the city successfully fought against the highest water-level of the river Tisza in 2006 and when it seems to live in peace with its beautiful river forever.

The present life of the city that is always changing, reviving and never willing to bow - the pride of the nation: Szeged continues its history on the pages.






Előző fejezet Következő fejezet